Adopting inventions, ideas and abilities in their early stages, & developing them


Tafkeer is a company specialized in the management and adoption of innovation, inventions and industrial models and turning them into products that can be utilized. Tafkeer is focusing on planning, marketing and financing for the success of these innovations and inventions until they come to light, by supporting this category of innovators and inventors and providing them with full support through the company’s financing and marketing plans and harness its expertise as one of the inventions finance companies and the adoption of innovation. We help our customers to unleash their creativity by enabling them to develop innovative solutions.



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Our Services


Manpower Supply

Provides Manpower from a wide range of nationalities. Recruitment Offices in the UAE, India and Oman (acquired recruitment licence) to cater the clients efficiently with our local presence in finding the right talent across all industries.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We will do generally five stages of the recruitment process, regardless of company size or needs. Planning, Strategy Development, Searching, Screening, Evaluation to deliver the talent you need

Contract Staffing / On-Demand Staffing

We will do the Direct Hire Staffing, we will help you to recruit and hire a full-time employee. Temp to Hire Staffing & Payroll Services, matching to the right job faster and with better business results.

Oilfield Supplies & Services

Providing a complete range of equipment, parts, accessories and services for Oil and Gas related projects. We provide professional manpower and dedicated services to the Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East region.

Contracting & Outsourcing Recruitment Services