- Tafkeer seeks to provide a sustainable environment supportive of to creative ideas in the Arab region and quickly meet the needs of the owners of these ideas. And become the first choice for any inventor and innovator and for investors looking for quality and new business.
- We are determined to be one of the best companies to offer their clients sophisticated marketing solutions and , practical and workable.
- To sincerely understand the needs of our individual and investor customers, and to exceed their expectations constantly by providing exceptional service and preparing and processing inventions for customized and unique products.



- Enhancing the relationship with customers by developing the company's services to meet the needs of existing customers and reach all expected customers.
- We seek to have a clear role in the success and , development growth and development of the largest possible number of inventors and innovators through the establishment and employment of the company's activity to attract them.
- Protect the rights of investors and establish the foundations of sound handling and promote an attractive environment for capital based on innovative systems to help them to maintain and develop their investments and achieve the highest possible return from them.



Tafkeer is a company specialized in the management and adoption of innovation, inventions and industrial models and turning them into products that can be utilized. Tafkeer is focusing on planning, marketing and financing for the success of these innovations and inventions until they come to light, by supporting this category of innovators and inventors and providing them with full support through the company's financing and marketing plans and harness its expertise as one of the inventions finance companies and the adoption of innovation. We help our customers to unleash their creativity by enabling them to develop innovative solutions that bring them competitiveness, growth and excellence in their respective fields.

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Our programs and marketing and financing plans as an innovation support company help to build and manage innovation capabilities by enabling their customers to build their creativity and lead effective partnerships on innovation and invention. Tafkeer is aimed at promoting and developing creativity for the to introduce it into industrial machine. Through its ambitious and intelligent programs, Tafkeer develops and exploits inventions and products, promotes innovation, and provides financial support and marketing financing and finance marketing for inventions.


Tafkeer coordinates with businessmen and investors interested in inventions and inventors and opens the door for actual implementation and converting these inventions into real products benefiting the market and the society. Tafkeer has many activities related to scientific and technological innovation. And general trading in various sectors such as : Supply of raw materials from rocks and minerals from quarries to factories and companies in the UAE and Oman, conducting feasibility studies for mining projects, and marketing of raw materials (rocks and minerals) inside and outside the UAE.